Will the Recognition of Golan turn Balances in the Middle East ?

The recognition of Israeli sovereignty over Golan is going to turn balances and change the calculations. It is an equation of deterrence and imposing the status quo by Tel Aviv and its supporters.

The timing resulted from the war against Syria, with Washington indirect interference in the conflict against the axis of resistance.

The US recognition of the Israeli sovereignty over Golan is to recognize that the occupied Golan is a part of the Zionist entity, and any conflict arises shall necessitate its interference to protect Tel Aviv as if it protects its existence.

The strategic calculations towards Syria along with the axis of resistance have to be changed, and the hope dedicated to the remaining Arabs and Foreigners is without avail.

The deal of the century is moving apace, Trump along with Netanyahu are still ruling despite corruption and the demands of throwing them out of office, they are the best for Israel so far, and they are satisfying the Israeli lobby in a good way.

Whenever there is a Syrian close victory, Washington would run to make the war in Syria longer, and now it is the right timing for this American declaration and to enter into a direct conflict with Israel.

The timing also corresponds with the increase of economic and political sanctions over Tehran, where the US will directly interfere in any military move for Hizbollah or Iran in the Golan or south Lebanon, which means a direct military confrontation.

Netanyahu paid several visits to Moscow, and according to the media, discussions focused on the presence of Iran in Syria, as well as the issue of (S-300) – (S-400) missiles and the Russian air defense and its role in the equation of the conflict with the axis of resistance.

Has not Netanyahu discussed the issue of Golan with Putin? The Russian official statement was straight that there is no agreement on this issue, and our recognition is that the Golan is a Syrian occupied land.

Also Iran-related agreement is not scheduled according to the Israeli point of view.

Syria partition and occupancy: “Pay attention to the sequence of incidents and declarations”, the meeting of Ministers of Defense of Iran, Syria and Iraq, then the visit of Russian Ministry of Defense did not suit the Americans and Israelis, and Washington will not allow a road opening between Tehran and Damascus and Beirut through Baghdad.

At the same time, the rudely enough, the Kurdish separatists demand Damascus to recognize their autonomous administration in the areas of Hasaka, Der Ez-Zor and Raqqa, so they consider themselves at the level of Israel, it is the ugliest image of treason.

Also, and rudely enough, Erdogan is injecting himself, denying the American decision, though his Ottoman army occupies parts of Syria.

Washington declares that it will keep (400) troops in the north of Syria for observation purposes, they want to make the changes on ground as sustainable fait accompli in Golan, Idlib and the Syrian Al-Jazira, which means continuing like this the longest possible to make demographic and political changes and taking these parts out of Syria. What does remain out of Syria?

To conclude: Reliability on any decisive situation from any country will bring nothing but the words of condemnation, the issue turned into an issue of existence, and all means are possible.

Now, but not tomorrow, so either we sit, submit or surrender, or as the popular saying: (cut off one’s nose to spite one’s face). The resistance is the answer and the resistance only.

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