There are new proves of the fact that the US back terror groups in Syria. Militants are preparing sabotage attacks in Damascus

In the Damascus governorate near Tell Maqhaoulhill SAA servicemen found a new weapons cache. The approaches to the cache were mined with mine traps.

In the cache except light weapons and ammunition the servicemen found two APOBS MK-7 Mod 2. Each of them contains about 100 kilos of explosive agent.

These systems are in the US Army service. The containers are produced by Garrett Container Systems Inc (Maryland, USA).

These APOBS were supplied by the Pentagon to the Middle East in 2016 under the allied forces support programme. They were received by the New Syrian Army units in Al-Tanf (Usud al Sharqiya group).

According to Syrian servicemen, the cache was made no earlier than two months ago. To the north-west of the point where the cache was found there are SAA positions, a number of economic assets and an airbase.

What is meant here is that the militants sponsored by the US are preparing sabotage attacks in Damascus or in its suburbs with the use of APOBS.


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