Between Golani Brigade and Al-Julani Army!.. Where are you O’ Residents of Golan Heights ?

By: Naram Sarjoon

Al-Nusra Front has fallen silent as if motionless with awe. Despite the symbolism of thename which Abu Mohammad al-Julani holds, the name that he used to arm himself with to indicate that he bears revenge to the ones who sold Golan Heights and that he is concerned about Golan according to the  bored and rough narration of Muslim Brotherhood which, has no evidence for all what it claimed about the legend story of selling Golan Heights.

Al-Julani held the name of Golan Heights, and he headed destroying the army from whom the invaders of the Golan Heights are afraid , until no one remained for Al-Julani except the one who is allegedly was sold the Golan Heights.

How can a person sell a property without the purchaser showing him the contract to silence him? Al-Julani who overran Aleppo, killed thousands of its people and bombardedus with suicide bombersneither said a word nor issued a statement because hebelieves that if the statement criticized the American decision then he is standing by the side of his enemy (the Syrian regime) and this would grant him a clearance certificatefrom what the Islamists and Muslim brotherhood accused him with.

On the other hand, if he endorsed the decision then he would assure that he is an agent for America and Israel that hosted him in the Golan Heights.

However, the hidden truth is that Al-Julani returns the favor to Netanyahu and owes Netanyahu and Mossad.

Al-Nusra Front beneficiated from Israel in the southern area and lived under Israeli fighters umbrella.

In the southern area, Netanyahu established  field hospitals and visited Al-Qaida injured members.

Al-Julani does not forget the great  favor of Netanyahu who saved the White Helmets agents from being brought before the international criminal courts for revealing their role in the chemical weapons plays and eradication crimes that were committed against theSyrian people.

Maybe this is why Al-Julani stayed silent, although what behind the silence is much deeper; it is the silence of the servant and the soldier.

Nevertheless, Al-Julani is just a puppet in the hands of the ones whoare selling the Golan Heights! The ones who sold the Golan Heights are the ones who created Al-Julani i.e. Qatar, Turkey and Saudi Arabia, so do not be deceived with hypocritical statements of rejection, condemnation anddenunciations issued by Erdoğan and the capitals of the Arab Gulf.

The countries, which sparred to deplore the decision and whichsupport al-Julani and his armies, could order Al-Julani to do or say something, but his silence,which is the mean with which they fight Syria, means that their real letter to Netanyahu is “do not worry, our hearts are with you, and we will attach the Golan Heights to Palestine.

These Turkish and Arab are smoke bombs to blind and confuse what Al-Julani and his supporters prepare ofchemical plays whichimmediacy seemsto be for Israel’s need to busy the world with war between Al-Julani and the alliesso that the scandal of the Golan Heights and the debate about it would vanish and disappear.

Hence, Al- Julani’ shittingin the north is a movement towards the south, and every missile in the north is a missile landed in the south.Al-Julani is one of Israel’s mobile stations or Special Forceswho holds Al-Julani name, yet his real name is Abu Mohammad Golani or Golani Brigade; Golani is Al-Julani.

As Golani Brigade tasted death at the hands of Hezbollah, Al-Julani Israeli brigade in the north will taste the same as Golani.

Israelis can keep trump’ ssignature for it is useless, and they can put it in the museum with Holocaust victims’ shoes.

O’ Al-Julani, Golan Heights is calling upon you not Idlib; where are your suicide bombers and heaven seekers? Is the road between the Golan Heights and the skyclosed; while it is opened in all the streets, villages and cities of Syria ?

Never mind, we realize the difficulty of your situation and realize that Trump may have embarrassed you and your Jihadi acts.

We also realize that your heart is Golani, and how much you both share the same destiny!

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