The strategy of Mike Pompeo

Thierry Meyssan.

On 12 March, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo delivered a speech about his strategy to a stunning gathering of the World Petroleum Board of Governors in which he unveiled the strategy he developed, first when he was head of the Central Intelligence Agency and then as secretary of state.

In international media, Pompeo and US President Donald Trump have always been thought to be a brainless “sound phenomena” that is not worthy of the trouble of searching to understand what they are thinking about, but we were wrong.

In 2012, President Barack Obama took up the leitmotiv of the Republican Party and made the exploitation of oil and gas by hydraulic fracturing a national priority.

Within a few years, the United States multiplied its investments and became the world’s major producer of hydrocarbons, reversing the paradigms of international relations. In 2018, the ex-director of the oil equipment provider Sentry International, Mike Pompeo, became the director of the CIA , then Secretary of State, thus he has personally known, and for a long time almost all players in the energy market, in many countries of the world.

He envisioned in his strategy the desire to use the new American superiority to reorganize the world.

He said in his speech that he wanted to control the entire market by reducing global exports to the level closest to demand, and to this end, “Iran must be excluded from the market, then Venezuela.”

On the other hand, according to Pompeo, it is necessary to “maintain the forces in the east of Syria to prevent the latter from exploiting the newly discovered reserves.”The presentation of things as such falsifies everything that was said two years ago, and makes it clear that the abolition of the nuclear treaty with Iran was only a façade to exclude one of the main potential exporters outside the market, besides, this non recognition of an unselected president in Venezuela was only an excuse, because the real aim was to seize the assets of the Venezuelan National Oil Company and put that country with its vast natural reservoirs outside the market.

It is clear that this strategy does not contradict the Pentagon’s strategy to destroy the structures of the state in the Greater Middle East and then in the Caribbean, but even more, it mélange with it.

Still,The most surprising thing is that Pompeo put his initiatives against Iran and Venezuela in full swing with maintaining the forces Military operation in eastern Syria.

Once again, the support of the Kurdish fighters – the Syrian Democratic Forces and the pro-American Arabs – is no more than a hoax, and the US State Department has no compassion for its mercenaries.

The only goal now for the United States is to prevent Syria from exploiting the resources that have been discovered recently in the east of the country.

Perhaps in this sense we must reinterpret the relentless determination to sabotage any process of economic advancement, prevent the return of refugees and finance reconstruction.

While the Europeans weep for their lost colonies, the Americans are taking control of the global energy market and seeking to block the construction of the two pipelines, the Russian “North Stream 2” and the Turkish “Stream”.

Finally, Pompeo concluded by elaborating on his new strategy of not building conventional military alliances, but building political alliances based on energy supply and economic growth, before any other consideration.

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