Daily Archives: Sunday April 21st, 2019

US Convoy to Hasaka coming from Iraq

Another American convoy of more than 250 heavy trucks came to the Al-Hasakah governorate from Iraq. It delivered Hummer armored off-roaders, pickups, artillery hauling units, weaponry, rounds and ammunition. Since the beginning of 2019 it is the seventh American heavy trucks convoy coming from Iraq to Syria. A big part of supplies the Pentagon handed over to SDS Kurdish troops. ...

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JayshMaghawir al-ThawraMilitants Hide Information about Jleb Checkpoint Functioning

On April 16 more than 700 refugees left the Rukban camp through the Jleb checkpoint. Those who managed to leave the camp say that JayshMaghawir al-Thawramilitants are doing their best to hide information about the Jleb checkpoint functioning. Militants take away refugees’ cell phones, TV sets, radios and other devices. That is why people in the Rukban camp cannot hear ...

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