US Convoy to Hasaka coming from Iraq

Another American convoy of more than 250 heavy trucks came to the Al-Hasakah governorate from Iraq. It delivered Hummer armored off-roaders, pickups, artillery hauling units, weaponry, rounds and ammunition.

Since the beginning of 2019 it is the seventh American heavy trucks convoy coming from Iraq to Syria. A big part of supplies the Pentagon handed over to SDS Kurdish troops.

In three months the Americans supplied Kurds with more than 130 Hummers and a hundred of pickups, more than 200 trucks with munitions and weaponry, tens of field artillery guns and mortars.

The American servicemen in order to hide the fact that they supply Kurds from Turkey, a NATO ally, camouflage convoys so that they look as humanitarian aid for the infamous Al-Hawl camp.

The SDF transferred the received weaponry and equipment to the Syrian-Turkish border.

At the same time, the US keep a part of the supplies in the Manbij district.

They have an agreement with the SDF the supplies may be handed over to their units if combat activity is on on the Syrian-Turkish border.


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