The US/Israeli War of Terrorism On Iran

The recent US designation of Iran’s Revolutionary Guards Corps as a “terrorist” organisation marks a new low in US foreign policy. Now the armed forces of another sovereign state have been declared illegal.

Iran has never attacked the United States. On the contrary, since the 1979 revolution, the country has been attacked several times by the United States.

In 1980, the US forced Sadaam Husein to invade the country with a proxy army called the Mujahedeen Al Khalq.

The Iraq-Iran war lasted for over 8 years. Iranians were gassed. The gas was sold to Iraq by French and German companies. No one was ever prosecuted.

Former editor of the Frankfurter AllgemeineZeitung newspaper Udo Ulfkotte admitted lying to cover up his country’s complicity in crimes against humanity. It was his job; he was working for the CIA.

Ulfkotte claimed most of the major news media in Europe were under the control of the CIA.

This latest act of aggression against Iran is intended to blacken its image around the world. The Western public is highly susceptible to mass propaganda.

If the media can associate Iran with terrorism, it will legitimise US military intervention.

US terrorism against Iran On the 3 July 1988, the US military shot down an Iranian passenger airliner flying in Iranian airspace. 248 Iranian civilians  ـ 66 of whom were children – were murdered.

The US military said it mistook the Airbus A300 for a military plane ـ in spite of the fact that military planes are two thirds smaller.

The US never apologised for that act of terrorism. Nor have they ever apologised for all the other acts of terrorism since. In 2017 I made a documentary with Press TV on the Iran/Iraq war. I visited many of the famous sites along the Iran/Iraq border where the Iranian military valiantly defended their country against a foreign invasion.

Saddam’s forces had the backing of most of the developed world at the time ـ USA, USSR, Britain, France and their vassal states. It was a world war against one country.

I interviewed men who had lost their legs, eyes and other body parts in the war. I heard horror stories about the mass gassings and saw extensive evidence of the mass murder in Tehran’s Peace Museum.

The genocidal campaign was carried out with full backing by the West. Over a million people died in the Western-backed war against Iran.

For over 40 years, the Iranian people have understood the word terrorism to mean the organised and sustained act of callous violence orchestrated by Western powers against their people.

Iran has experienced more terrorism than any Western country. Since the US occupation of Afghanistan in 2001, terrorists working for US and Israeli intelligence have attacked targets in the Baluchistan-Sistan province.

Terrorist attacks on mosques throughout the country have been intermittent since then.

The US occupation of Iraq in 2003 and the US/Israeli-instigated war in Syria since 2011 have escalated terrorism in Iran.

The country now faces the prospect of invasion from a US-created terrorist army called the ‘Islamic State’.

That the US created the army to destroy Bashar Al-Assad’s Syria, there can be no doubt; declassified US Department of Defense documents prove it.

The Iranian Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) is one of the main reasons why the Middle East has not been completely subjected to Israeli hegemony.

The author: Gearoid O Colmain


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