Concerns of the Syrian people

By: Dr. Ali al-Shoaibi

Writers in this world, as old as the world of Essay, are looking for important subjects that readers value and revolve around the wider domestic community, and if words are not coming from the heart, then they will not fall into the hearts of others.

The problem lies in the fact that the writer may not find his heart opened at all times to come out with an essay that can in few lines deals with an important, good and beneficial issue that revolves around the problems of the community.

Sometimes, the writer wants to write about a subject, but he finds that many other writers had written about it before, so he refrains.

But soon he remembers that fifty thesis were written on Al-Mutanabbi, and still there are many gaps that can be addressed I look around and all I can see is the Syrian struggling people, who was a target for hundreds of takfiri groups, worth hundreds of essays to be written on their concerns alone, and their conditions shall be described in epics, and to write on them stories, novels and epics to reflect their long and difficult suffering during the eight years of war by which they were unfairly targeted, a war that is stronger and harder that the two world wars. More than one hundred of the world biggest states such as the US, Europe and the Gulf Arabs were shamelessly targeting this country.

There is one thing that concerns the people in my country which is to get rid of this cruel war that destroyed everything, the people’s concern is to stand by their great army to face this cruel war, their concern is to manage their economic affairs, and they seeking to be able to continue the education of their children.

But whatever the concerns were, they were always finding their government with them at work, while securing the living and as life goes on.

Despite of the changed conditions, many subjects are discussed during nightlife, one is talking about victories, another is talking about hit-and-run, this one is talking about the increase of prices, and this is discussing the reasons that made Syria a target for this attack from all parties.

This one reassures everybody that our army is able to defend against all kinds of aggression, and this one says something new: it was supposed that Syria in 2017 will be declared as an advanced and debtless country, this what they did not like.

Another man says: “this is right but the brotherhood are behind all the misfortunes and woes that occurred to Syria, they are who appealed for all these killers and takfiri groups to come over Syria”.

Others are talking about the media fabrications, funds and their role to buy conscience and the emergence of individual and collective treason. Others are concerned about the remaining parts of the Syrian lands that have not been liberated, and they all have one voice that each span of it must be liberated as promised by the president who always fulfills his promises.

So they are quite confident that the rest of their lands will be liberated.

Another thing concerns the Syrians which is the economic affair that is also taken into consideration along with the cruel European sanctions on their country.

 They collectively have one concern that is to get rid of the thought of the brotherhood including their supporter “Erdogan”.

One voice, one concern, one pledge and one covenant they wrote with the ink of blood of their martyrs that there is no place for all those who were disloyal to this homeland, this religion, Arabism and the good-hearted Syrians, who were disloyal to our great army and the trust of our great leader.

These are the concerns of our people, and even the internal or external displaced are not forgetting the concern of coming back to their houses.

Whereas the concern of kidnapped people is taken into consideration and we cannot say more than what our President has said in more than an occasion to our great army and great people who have put their hands on the hand of their leader and army to get rid of what has left over.

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