Daily Archives: Saturday April 27th, 2019

The meaning of the Russian investment of Tartus port

(By: Dr. Ahmed Adib Ahmed) First of all; the idea of investing the harbor by the Russians is a positive idea that is called “foreign investment” ,and all countries are working to attract foreign investment to their lands because it improves the economy. What distinguishes this investment is that: It comes from an ally, not an enemy. It does not ...

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The siege on Syria is raging and the worst misfortune no longer makes us laugh!

In the light of the continuing signs of the “tightening of the belts” phase, which coincide with the increasing difficulties and obstacles in the face of the Syrian government, the Syrians are waiting for some ease through solutions that might come from allied and friendly countries, amid the tightening of the American pressure on the country in an unprecedented manner. ...

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