Daily Archives: Monday April 29th, 2019

Hey Sir ! My article will reach you

By: Dr. Ali al-Shoaibi My article will definitely reach you because it is the most important thing you have heard or read for years and it will find its way to anyway. Do you think that you are immune! Never, but you delay as long as you are the “dairy cattle” which Arabs are being slaughtered by its knife, and ...

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The Syrian Saint “Februnia Tobaki”

A group of invaders attacked one of the nunneries, took a beautiful virgin and presented her as a gift to their leader. When the leader saw her, he was enchanted with her beauty and wanted to rape her, so she said to him: hold your horses for I have a profession, which I was acquired from the virgins, and only ...

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A Company plans to implant “Google” in Human Brain

An expert has assured that artificial intelligence technology could largely improve human lives and completely change how we learn. “Nikolas Kairinos founder and  CEO of (Fountech.ai)  says, in an interview with the “Daily Star”, that his company is working on developing a revolutionary artificial intelligence to “ personalize education” to enable “anyone can  learn almost anything, using artificial intelligence”. Kairinos ...

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