Daily Archives: Saturday May 4th, 2019

What about the American retaliatory strike?

By: Dr. Ali al-Shoaibi  The popular talk and the long nights in council full of nationalists, patriots, loyalists may not agree with the talk of the expert politicians and observers of the meetings of Sochi or Moscow, that has a lot of noise with no worth mentioning results. Nationalists think that America, Europe, Israel and all Syria’s enemies have put ...

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Washington and the explosion of the region??

“Thomas Friedman,” one of the most prominent New York Times columnists, wrote in an article words that are shared by the former US ambassador to the occupation entity and one of the architects of US policies in support of «Israel», and the content of the talk is that the American deadly love for «Israel», which is contested on by Republicans ...

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Discovering a “New Physical State” of matter

Scientists, who examined Potassium, have discovered a new physical state of matter where the atoms are both solid and liquid at the same time. This study clarifies if there is unusual state of matter or that the atom structures represent a transition between two states whether solid, liquid or gas. Tests were conducted on “simple metal” such as applying high ...

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