Wi-Fi can be used to Detect Weapons and Explosives

You surely use Wi-Fi to connect your smart phone, computer or other electronic devices with what World Wide Web provides, but soon this technology may work to protect you in public places. According to a study led by researchers from Rutgers and underwent to peers preview University in New Brunswick, ordinary Wi-Fi can efficiently detect weapons, bombs, and explosive chemicals in bags with low-cost.

This study received a best paper award at the 2018 IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers) Conference on Communications and Network Security, which focused on cyber-security only.

Detecting danger: according to researchers’ paper, most dangerous objects contain metals or liquids that overlap with Wi-Fi signals in a way researchers can detect.

Furthermore, the luggage a person can use to contain a bomb, a weapon or an explosive device usually made of materials (papers or fibers) that Wi-Fi signals can penetrate easily.

Researchers set up weapons detection system using Wi-Fi. This system can analyze what happens when Wi-Fi signals face a close object or material. When examining 15 types of objects and 6 types of bags they found that this system could distinguish dangerous and non-dangerous objects for 99% of cases, 90% of accuracy for dangerous materials, 98% for metals and 95% for liquids.

The bag includes the object offered another variable rate, for typical backpacks, the accuracy rate is 95% and drops to about 90% when objects inside bags are wrapped.

The team is planning currently to focus on improving the accuracy of this system to detect weapon using Wi-Fi where it can identify object’s shape and estimate liquid volumes included in bags. In the end, this system may become a routine security measure in festivals, sport events and others of potential targets for terrorism.

Source: “nasainarabic.net”



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