Daily Archives: Thursday May 9th, 2019

Danon performs an act of the theatre of Absurd at the UN

At a formal session of the United Nations Security Council, the Ambassador of the Zionist entity to the International Organization Danny Danon presented a weird performance taken from the theatre of absurd. Danon, who is apparently following the Mossad slogan: “By way of deceit shalt thou do war” has taken a seat at the UN Security Council session held late ...

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Take it from Noam Chomsky .. The British and American elites are driven by the Bible

By: (Naram Sarjoon) What is happening in the conflict in the East is not just colonialism, economy, politics, globalization, secularism and modernity versus Islamic fundamentalism. Rather, it is the revival of the sciences of religion according to a Christian Zionism perspective … Just as we have al-Ghazali, who founded in Islam the theory of the authority of the sacred text ...

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American exceptionalism

By: Thierry Meyssan US decision to recognize Israeli sovereignty over the Golan Heights represented a fatal blow to the Security Council. Since the San Francisco Conference at the end of the Second World War; the United Nations has been ensuring collective security worldwide through a hybrid system that blends the General Assembly, with each State with one vote, and the ...

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