American exceptionalism

By: Thierry Meyssan

US decision to recognize Israeli sovereignty over the Golan Heights represented a fatal blow to the Security Council.

Since the San Francisco Conference at the end of the Second World War; the United Nations has been ensuring collective security worldwide through a hybrid system that blends the General Assembly, with each State with one vote, and the Security Council which is a board composed of victorious forces in the war.

Thus, when the word of the five permanent members of the Council is not respected, the entire system collapses. This is what happened recently.

The representatives of all States Members of the United Nations were astounded by this decision. Here we should understand what happened and do not interact with it emotionally, by interpreting the event through a personal friendship between the American president and the Israeli prime minister, or by evoking the weight of evangelical Christians in the constituency of Donald Trump in the upcoming presidential elections.

The United States is currently at a disadvantage compared to its main rivals, Russia and China. It retreated from its basic doctrine: “exceptionalism”.

This is not the first time and will not be the last, whatever the consequences.The United States has a special history that always push it to think like a hardline religious sect, expelled from Europe and brought into the New World to establish what it consider the world’s first democratic nation, the Pilgrim Fathers, Mayflower.

They consider themselves a “model for all” that have the task of making the world embrace the concept of divine 1919 President Woodrow Wilson negotiated in Paris for months on the establishment of the League of Nations.

The first collective security organization was established by French Nobel laureates (Aristide Brian-León Bourgois).

The League of Nations affirmed the equality of each State, but failed to recognize the equality of peoples, which allowed colonialism to continue in the form of instruments of assignment.

President Wilson returned to the United States, after long negotiations where he shocked Congress that overwhelmingly rejected joining the league.

Today; after a century, it is the same shock. Contrary to popular belief, the United States has values and ideals of democracy over its territory, but refuses to consider itself equal to others.

By their supposed exception, they are not, and do not want to be, like other nations. This doctrine has been a reference for all US presidents, without exception, Republicans and Democrats alike over the past two centuries, a common doctrine of the two parties, which they share with other countries such as Israel, Saudi Arabia and former raciest South Africa.

But these elements need to be integrated and prepared for their consequences, as Russia and China have long expected. The United Nations will certainly be torn apart in the coming years, but this will not, as happened during the Cold War, divide the world into two camps through a new iron curtain, but through a legal division between the United States and its allies who rely on power on one hand, and Russia, China and their allies, who rely on international law, on the other.

While negotiating the relationship between the two blocs that will come to light is a matter for Washington, Moscow and Beijingonly.


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