Danon performs an act of the theatre of Absurd at the UN

At a formal session of the United Nations Security Council, the Ambassador of the Zionist entity to the International Organization Danny Danon presented a weird performance taken from the theatre of absurd.

Danon, who is apparently following the Mossad slogan: “By way of deceit shalt thou do war” has taken a seat at the UN Security Council session held late in April, 2019 to discuss the latest developments of the Arab-Israeli conflict and the on-going escalation in the occupied Palestinian territories.

In the middle of his address, he donned a Jewish black “Kippa” and held a book, supposedly the “Hebrew Torah” and recited loudly in Hebrew few passages, then  recited an English translation thereof claiming that it was what he deemed as “God’s covenant with Abraham”: “And I will establish my covenant between me and you and your descendants after you throughout the generations for an everlasting covenant. And I will give to you and your descendants after you all the land of Canaan for an everlasting possession and I will be their God.” Genesis 17.

The spin here is too clear not to be seen. He made the mention as if it were the “Bible”, which comprises both the Tora and the Gospels (or what is now known as the Old Testament and the New Testament), while in fact he was reading from the Hebrew version, which does not include the New Testament (or the Gospels).

Then, he waved the book and declared: “”This is the deed to our land.” !!!!

Not only that. He went on to claim that all of the Abrahamic religions – Judaism, Christianity, and Islam – affirm the Jewish people’s connection to Israel!!!

It is really a pity to see the United Nations be turned into a place for such a charade. It is equally a pity not to hear a proportionate rebuttal for these serious allegations, which, if left unanswered, would set a dangerous precedent in the UN and the international law.

Was he trying to annul international and replace it with his own version of the Torah interpretations? Would the international law or the UN charter, which stipulates for the inadmissibility of the acquisition of the land of others by force, from now on derive laws and regulations from the Zionist interpretations of certain religious texts? Would such biased and totally politicized interpretations be accepted as a “justification” for the on-going uprooting of an entire people from their own homeland?

How had the session president and other diplomats condoned the idea that the ambassador of an entity, being internationally-propagated as the “oasis of democracy” in the Middle East uses religious texts to “prove” an alleged ownership?

Was he trying to fan the flames of endless religious wars? Or was he simply trying to push the world into an everlasting debate into certain theological and jurisprudent exegesis to keep them busy with such a stuff? Or what is going here exactly?

Could this be a blunt and brazen preparation for the eventual declaration of the “Jewish statehood” in the land of Palestine, where no one other than Jews would be allowed to live any more?

And wait a minute! Wherefrom has he got this notion that both Christianity and Islam allegedly “accept” such unfounded claims?

As for Christianity, it is important to point out that a new covenant was sealed by God with believers in the New Testament (the Gospels), according to which all believers are included in this New Covenant.

Consequently, any God-given promise would include all believers and is no longer restricted to a certain tribe.

Apart from few pro-Zionist churches, which have been infiltrated by such weird ideas, traditional churches provide a wide array of religious and theological interpretations of the biblical scriptures. Many churches believe that the Biblical so-called “Kingdom of Israel” is in fact a divine spiritual kingdom that has nothing to do with this colonialist-created “state/entity”.

As for Islam, the religious texts are also unequivocally clear. Islam considers Abraham as a ‘true Muslim’. “Abraham (Ibrahim) was neither a Jew nor a Christian. He was a true Muslim and was not a polytheist.” (Verse 67 of Sura al-Omran -the Holy Koran).

According to this verse, the Koranic address to “the children of Israel” (Bani Israel) is based on the concept that they were followers of the true Muslim Abraham and not as a tribe claiming the acquisition of the land of others without any rightful basis.

So, wherefrom has Danon got such an alleged claim?

Moreover, if God has really established a covenant with them for an “everlasting ownership” as Danon claims, why had he allowed the Roman Emperor/Caesar  expel them from the land, as he admits?

And why has not God never tried to bring them back to this land until the late 19th century and early 20th century? Why would their “God” wait for about 2000 years to fulfil this alleged “promise”?

The answer is: This colonial project was conceived by certain colonial and banking circles to serve their financial and geopolitical objectives.

Foremost of these forces were the founders of the now defunct “East India Company”, which endeavored to  establish a foot-hold in this region in order to maintain control of both oil resources and naval water-ways. True that this company has been liquidated and does not exist any more, but its owners do. They have been the ones who dug the Suez Canal and have been behind most of the major events that shaped our 20th century world.

Besides many other objectives, the idea behind this project is to keep the entire region in a state of perpetual wars. These people are sadly still very powerful and have a lot of influence in all major decision-making world capitals around the world.

That is why we, sadly, see that the news outlets which dealt with this “show” have in fact “praised” it instead of doing their job and informing the public about its true connotations.

( Z . Saleh )


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