“National Interest”: invading Iraq is the reason of instability in the region

The American magazine “National Interest” assured in a report that the American invasion on Iraq in 2003 is the main reason behind the state of instability that the region witnesses, especially the emergence of the terrorist organization “Isis”.

Washington is still paying the prices of the mistakes committed by the administration of the American president “George W Bush” after passing 17 years  of the  resolution that rejects the  US invasion  of Iraq.

The magazine added that on 26 September 2002, the “New York Times” newspaper published a speech with the signature of 33 researchers in international affairs who had opposedthe  US invasion  of Iraq.

The magazine continued, the republished words presented strong reasons that invading Iraq does not serve the American national interest, and at the same time the researchers warned that this would lead to instability in the Middle East.

The magazine assured that what the researchers were afraid of had actually happened, and Washington with its allies invaded Iraq in 2003.

This led to spreading instability in the region, in addition, Al-Qaida  has made use of these conditions, then the  emergence of the terrorist organization “Isis”.

Not to mention,recruiting tens of young men around the world in the ranks of these terrorist organizations which pose a threat to the global security.

Source: “motabaat.com”


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