The Deep Morals

Countries are built on deterrent and scruples, and they collapse by losing the same.

The deterrent represents material power point, and the scruples represent the educational, moral and political power owned by country leader.

President leader Bashar Al-Assadconfronted to keep these two points of power since the start of the unjust war on Syria.

As regards the power of deterrence which deters and counters the terrorist aggression on Syria, he spared no effortinside and outside the country to deter aggressors with all their operation rooms.

He used his political speech for the restraint that builds deep morals for citizen whetherofficial or non-official. He focused on necessity of fighting corruption through building the deep Syrian human in the phase of building what is deeper than conscience.

The responsibility represented by the existence of the concept “God is with us wherever we are and however we do”, and it is an important concept for the human to reach together the deep morals and deep behavior.

The president focused on the role and importance of these morals to build the country.

These morals represent the scrupleshe wanted to inculcate in every Syrian citizen in order to build reliable bulwark in the Syrians’ minds that represents God’s grace being always with their consciences.

President’ speeches during war were not without the long series of corrupters; they were like a hinting close to stating about the corruption of important and non-important officials and their children.

He feared for the power of deterrentfrom being corrupted; hence,salaries increasing as30 %.Also, in 2018, there were talks about three corrupted ministers, specifically in June, and legal actions were taken against them.

The citizen recognizes the relation between corruption and economic and social collapse. Higher educational institution was not far from this collapse.

The best example is about a male or female student relying onhigh rank father and sees his/her mate excelling him/her, so s/he seeks to remove him/her lest not having the reader degree upon graduation with the help of a perjurer and a group unreliable forEducation.

Is there greater corruption than this in the higher education? For such people in all aspects of Syrian life,the invitation of the president in all his speeches came to fight surface and deep corruption in order to reach establishing deep morals.

If officials knew about the case of this aggrieved student, what would they do? This is why we said deep morals stand up to all types of corruption.

Dr. Ali Shueibi – Damascus


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