“Miracle tree” that heals (300) diseases including diabetes and tumors

Moringa is known as the Miracle Tree because it is an important source of fat, protein, carotenoids, vitamin C, iron, potassium and other nutrients.

Its roots, leaves, flowers and plums are used as food supplements and are used in cosmetics, perfumes and oils. In addition to its strong nutritional properties, Moringa possesses incredible medical capabilities.

Chemical compounds in Moringa have been scientifically proven to have beneficial biochemical activities such as fighting atherosclerosis and heart disease, strengthening immune system, anti-viral and bacterial, and tumor-resistant.

Moringa is rich in fiber and is said to act as a broom in your bowel and to clean up any residues left over from the saturated fat diet.

It contains an antibiotic and is effective in expelling harmful bacteria known to cause intestinal infections and stomach cancer.

It has been shown that the seeds of this tree are excellent for water purification and are better than any synthetic material currently used for this purpose.

Moringa leaves are very rich in vitamins, minerals, amino acids and many other ingredients.

In 100 g dry leaves of Moringa we find:

(10) times the amount of vitamin A found in yogurt,

(15) times the amount of potassium in the banana,

(17) times the calcium in the milk,

(12) times the vitamin C in the orange,

(25) times the amount of iron found in spinach,

besides the chlorogenic acid in its leaves slows down the process of sugar absorption in cells.

Moringa is an anti-tumor and has an anti – cancer effect that results from the presence of a niacin compound. It also helps to control the action of the thyroid gland, especially when it comes to hyperthyroidism.

Accordingly, Moringa is a medicinal plant that deserves to be given a place in the pharmacy of each house.

  • Source: alalamtv.net

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