Beware of the supplication of the oppressed

I saw a man whose hand is cut from shoulder calling: whoever sees me beware not to oppress anyone.

I approached and said to him: Oh brother, what is your story? He said: a strange story brother for I was one of oppressors’ agents. “I once saw fisherman who fished a big fish, so I liked it, went to him and said, give me the fish”.

“He said: I do not want to; I buy food for my family with its price, so I hit him, took the fish by force, and went with it”. The man said “while I am walking and holding the fish, it bit my thump strongly.

When I brought it to my house, I threw it from my hands, but could not sleep due to high ache and pain; my hand also swelled. In the morning, I went to the doctor and complained my pain to him; the doctor said this is the beginning of gangrene, cut it or else you would cut your hand.

After that, my hand hurt me, so I could neither sleep nor relax from pain. Thus, I was told to cut it to the elbow, so I did. Yet, the pain extended to the humerus and it hurt me more severe than the first pain.

I was told to cut my hand from shoulder or else pain would spread to all my body, so I did. Some people asked me “what is the reason of your pain?” I mentioned the story of the fish.

They said “had you gone to the fish owner, acquit yourself and satisfied him at first, you would not have lost an organ from your body.

Go to him now and ask him forgiveness before the pain spreads to all your body”. The man said” I kept looking for the man in the country until I found him and kneeled down kissing his feet while crying, so I said to him, “Oh Sir, I beseech you in Allah’s name to forgive me”.

The man said “who are you?” I said “I am the man who took the fish forcedly”, and I told him what happened and showed him my hand.

He cried upon seeing it and said to me “Oh brother, I absolved you for the ordeal I saw you in”. I said “Oh Sir, did you supplicate when I took the fish?” He said: yes, I prayed:” Oh Lord, this man bullied me and took what you granted me unjustly, show me Your Mightiness on him”.

I said: Oh Sir, here is God showing you His mightiness on me; I have repented to Almighty God for serving oppressors, and I will never return to this.


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