(Nur-Sultan) between Reality and Realism

By: Dr. Ahmad Haj Ali

This is the outcome of reality in all its dimensions. Our wisdom and success criterion are represented together in the vitality of dealing with reality products so as to guarantee two inseparable matters.

The first one is not to have any kind of submission, surrender the status quo, or delay fightingnational wars until unknowntime ; here the Syrian will lies in every time and place.

The second one is the ability to be didifferentiate when working and dealing between reality and de facto. Realism is the awareness of the course of events and deep noting of ratio and proportionality of contradictory forces of conflictin addition to making a scrutiny of the current moment allocations of producing factors and toolsto improve reaching the national purpose whatever the sacrifices might be.

Whereas  de facto is the embodiment of an already collapsedwill which  has the illusion that the shortest way to safety is to surrender the status quo and  to give in to the desires launched by  others who are hostile to us. We know that the cost of throwing up our hands is much higher than the cost of steadfastness and confrontation.

These words come at this moment due to the heat up of tracks and major factors in (Nur-Sultan) including political matters and representatives of all trends. This moment of gathering is governed now – according to specifications of the existing reality- by two options.

The first option: what comes after these meetings in Kazakhstan will directly lead to fateful action regarding the Syrian homeland where there is no alternative to the political failure except the decision of military confrontation without hesitation or wait because the time of patience is over.

This is a  suggestion that we always repeated in (Nur-Sultan)  along with our partners in the crisis especially Federal Russia and the Islamic Republic of Iran, always referred to it whether directly or indirectly.

The second trendis the one represented by realizing the nature of organic union that gathers the American method, Turkish Erdoganian method and the terrorist organizations in the north of Syria and Idlib specifically.

The deluded partition between these forces will open up gaps that are corridors for these hostile forces, and they are additional difficulties for the national action.

This fact does not eliminate the hypocrisy led by America, in addition to this exploitation ,manipulation and the time that becomes of Erdogan’sin Turkey’s role in the current conflict.

When we go back to (Nur-Sultan) conference and its proceedings and the documents and closing statement resulted, we discover clearly that the Syrian national will including its legitimacy and legality, and the clear will of peace in its essence as well as giving opportunities to the political resolution along with being on standby and keeping an eye out for reality.

All of this was the most important title in the conference.

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