Washington’s hard truths in Syria

Under this title; former US Envoy to the International Coalition against ISIS (Brett McGork) wrote an article refuting Washington’s options available in Syria and those that it can no longer use.

McGowork says the US presence enabled the United States to stand up against Russia and contain Iran and Turkey, but Trump’s instructions for full withdrawal from Syria has took away all these advantages. The decision to keep 200 troops in northeastern Syria and 200 others in al-Tanf in the hope that other coalition forces would fill the gap made matters worse. The United States will fail if it continues to pursue major goals in Syria.

The best thing Trump can do is to undo the decision of withdrawal. But if he does not, Washington cannot pretend that leaving a small number of troops in Syria avoids the need to rethink its strategy. Washington must accept some hard truths:

  • The first truth is that President al-Assad is staying and will not go anywhere and there is no chance of being dropped by the United States or anyone else.Washington does not need to accept Assad’s rule, but it no longer has to drain its credibility and prestige by insisting on his departure. Although the United States can continue to pressure Damascus with sanctions, but the economic pain it can cause is paltry compared to what the regime has already suffered.

  • The second truth: The Arab countries will restore their relations with Damascus and Washington’s resistance to this trend will only frustrate the Arab countries and encourage them to exercise their diplomacy behind the back of Washington.

  • Thirdly, Turkey is a non-partner ally: The United States must accept that Turkey is not an active partner, albeit a NATO ally. It is true that US diplomats still hope to turn Ankara’s drift towards authoritarianism and foreign policy that are contrary to US interests but will not succeed

  • The last fact: The last fact is the US recognition that Russia is the strongest mediator in Syria. The United States has no relations with Damascus or Tehran, so it has to work with Moscow to achieve anything.

  • Source: katehon.com

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