The key is still with Damascus

ZaidHashem wrote in Firil study center website that Syria has an important geographical location; as it’s bordered by a NATO member (Turkey), by Iraq that is occupied by the United States, Jordan which is an US base, Lebanon;  the new candidate and Palestine that is close to the Gulf and Egypt, where the American bases are large.

Syria also overlooks the eastern coast of the Mediterranean against NATO, and thus Moscow will be able to occupy its enemies in the center of their power in the Middle East before reaching its southern border.

This location of Syria besides the establishment of two military bases , enables it of mobilizing its naval fleets and warplanes and to secure its support without being besieged in the Black Sea.

Syria is a pipeline for energy coming from Iraq, Iran and Qatar, and it has natural underground assets that have not yet been declared.

All this is part of the world’s richest energy control war in the Middle East.Syria provides Russia, with its strong and permanent presence, a vital role that gives back to Moscow its influence in the global decision.

As  who dominates economy dominates politics. The gas war is raging more and more, especially since Russia is the biggest exporter, and more of it means

more power. The author stresses that the strong Russian presence in Syria makes it an equal powerto Washington in holding the issues of the region.

Damascus still has the key, and here Moscow will become a key title in the equations of conflict, leading to its emergence as a global power parallel to the United States in the Middle East.

Russia wants Syria ,the country that will provide Moscow with the key to the transition to universality, a stable and a united state.

Therefore, it seeks to restore its relationship with its surroundings and to make a political settlement that will end the war and end the causes of the conflict.

Simply because Moscow cannot reap the geopolitical and economic gains in the region, and its primary place of influence is at risk of threat and infiltration from its enemies.

The presence of Russian military experts and soldiers in Syria is not new, the only new thing is that the number of troops and experts has doubled due to war, actually, they have been in Tartous since 1971 as part of the agreement to build a Soviet military base at the time.

Damascus considers the Russian presence to be very important, because of the intertwining of interests in the region, as their enemy is one, Washington, which is fighting Russian influence and is seeking to occupy Syria.


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