Corpses’ flagellation .. Slavery comes from within the slave and freedom is made by the free

By: Naram Sargon

Slavery is not that you are not free in your movement or that handcuffs are eating up your wrists , slavery is the feeling that comes from the inside and makes you see that some people are “freer” than you and some people are slaves, and makes you accept to be among the slaves in front of “masters” whom you feel that they deserve to excel in their freedom.

Free man is the one that sees all people free. There is no bondage that comes from outside man, but from inside it.

This is the essence of our disagreement with all Arabs and Muslims, and everyone who wants to convince us to deal with Israel, the West and NATO as slaves who obey the logic of realism.

The theory of realism that the Arabs distribute and eat in their dishes like sweets is in fact a sense of slavery.

They understand in the name of realism that they are inferior to other nations. They are less powerful, less aware, less civilized, thus; less free and more enslaved.

While we, in the opposite camp, rejected Arab realism from the moment Sadat announced that 99% of the solution cards are in America’s hands ..

We see ourselves free and we know that slavery is in that view that sees 99% of your freedom coming from the other and not from you.

Since that moment and the Arab camp has been divided into two camps ..We ,in the Levant, stayed the capital of rejection and disobedience although we have been besieged , punished and went through war after war winning, until the enemy ,before the friend, was convinced that we are as free as other powerful nations …

We crushed the enemy’s bone in Iraq and Lebanon .. And we are crushing them too in Syria. We do not see the Westerns as masters and others less sovereign ..

All our battle in the East is to prove that slavery stems from within the slave and freedom is a feeling that emanates from within the free.Therefore, the blacks of the Black Continent who were transported by the Trump ancestors by ship across the sea as cattle were not slaves because they exercised a sense of freedom despite the iron in their hands and feet …

so they were given freedom by force … but slaves are those whom Donald Trump humiliates every day in his speeches, flagellate them publicly, despise and humiliate them before the entire world , and they remain silent.

They are kings, sheikhs, princes, and gentlemen, who swim in wealth and gold, and enslave many of the sons of the nations.

But all the sons of nations and all nations see them as they’re being crucified and , they take off their clothes and see them with ultimate disgrace and shame while they are being whipped without uttering a word.

Can you imagine that these slaves are those who were said to have gone mad and hysterical by the word “half men”? they gone crazy because once the leader Gaddafi said that without Arabs in the Gulf, America would not have been there.

For the word “half men” it was said that Saudi Arabia with all its kings, princes and sheikhs decided to avenge their dignity, which was wasted by President Bashar al-Assad, so it brought all the Bedouins of the Gulf to start a “revenge campaign” and paid, alongside its sisters from the oil countries, hundreds of billions of dollars and all the gold they have for that..

it also squeezed all the ugly fatwas of the world, and twisted Quran and hadith to serve its purpose, it even brought angels from the sky to fight with them in Syria to revenge for their “Bedouin sheikhs” who were insulted by the word ” half men”, and for these half-men; Saudi Arabia bombed Damascus with thousands of bombs and mortar bombs and killed thousands of the Damascenes.

Who sees all these rage because of the dignity of the half-men, can’t but wonder about all this affableness and this recognition of God’s fate when it comes to the statements of Trump .. who did not even give them the title of “half men” ..

he only describes them as bags of money and half donkeys who are tired of carrying gold on their backs. The obvious fact is that these “half-men” did not revolt for a word by President Assad which insulted them and decided to

avenge it. The anger of the Syrian insult is a myth, a lie, a fabrication and a pretext. They are only

executing the white master’s orders in the White House since the relationship between Roosevelt and Abdul Aziz Al Saud was established, when Abdul Aziz signed his own instrument of slavery .

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