Are we wasting our time ?

Are Arabs asleep? Are they fast asleep? Or hadthey believed that only sleepers win? Even the ones outside the framework of countries  which are slaves to America, the ones who say “I do not know” and  those who keep repeating the idiom “whatever will bewill be”!

It happened that a group of ancient Arabs leaders and heroes who freed all Arab countries during the period of conquests, Have decided to reviewrapidlyall the incidents that happened to Arabs after them.

Those heroes cry tears of blood upon reviewingthe Arab status and that they were colonized by the Turks, and did not believe that the Arabs remainedfor more than four hundred years under the control of the most despicable stupid nations.

They cried and mourned to the extent that they were about to wake the sleeping people in the irgravesdue to their terriblecrying! They wondered and questioned the reason.

They agreed on the phenomenon of the absence of consciousness and realization, and understood the Turks game that utilizes the Islamic religion through sheikhs.

They understood also how the game succeeded in making religion misunderstandingan easy mean to control the nation and its capabilities.

When modern colonialism appeared, it liked the ottoman way that hypnotized the Arab people for more than four hundred years under the will and control of ottomans. They studied the ottomans’ method and way in the manner of controlling the Arabs, and gavethema modernstylethat is more flexible.

Thus, colonialism made the Arabs rulers, gave them what it apparently looks like independence, deprived them of their sovereign, lavished money on them, let them live luxuriously and made them best servants and highest human animals. When Arabs’ grandchildren appeared to expose this game and preserve their humanity, theywere unable to wake their fellow countrymenup whomtheirappearance is the only thing they have in common.

The Arab heroes got tired, and their views and methods of waking the Arab sleepers up varied. When the sun was about to rise, the heroes agreed to disappear now meet at another night. When they returned the next night, they were shocked upon seeing thousands and thousands of Syrian martyrs raising freedom flag through martyrdom.

The great Arab heroes kept silent and said: note how the Syrian martyrs received the flag and put their lives on the line for the sake of their Arab brothers… go back to sleep and rest assured, Syria has waked the Arabs up from their sleep.

By: Dr. Ali Alshoaiby. From Damascus, the Arab awakening eye.


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