Beware of Negative Thoughts

Brazilian researchers specialized in social and family matters declared that there is no one 100% positive in thinking in life, and frankly, we do not have a complete immunity against the negative ideas that come to our minds and brains, whichcannot sometimeshelp preventing

the flowing of some negative ideas, occur to us. There are 9 of these ideas that keep people away from you and they are:

First: I want to be exactly like what others want: you should first think of < who am I > and <what am I in this life >? This means you should enjoy independent personality, and do not compare yourself with others. If people notice that you are very interested of what others say about you and that you do not haveyour own personality, they will stay away from you because the one who imitates others does not have anything of his own.

Second: I do not love them because they have different way of thinking: this refers to a type of selfishness that lead people to get away from you. The study assured that we should accept others’ opinions because there cannot be exact match of opinions and values between people.

Third: theyobtain what they want more easily:the easiness of others’ obtaining what they want should notput in your mind your inability to achieve your goals and gain what you want of life; everyone has his/her way of achieving his/her goals in life.

Forth: I am incapable of being distinguished:distinctiveness from others in a serious matter requires special efforts or else you will remain as you are all your life; every human can excel in a specific matter, however, this requires nerve, energy and efforts to achieve the goal.

– Fifth: It is their fault: this means the inability to admit a mistake and be humble; it is very important to admit our mistakes and not to hold others responsibility or the results of our mistakes.

Sixth: I will never forgive them: your inability to forgive others and pardon them shows you as a harsh person and unable toappreciate others’ conditions and this is certainly will make people stay away from you.

Seventh: I cannot be flexible person: being flexible is considered one of the main elements to deal with others, and it easily contributes in communicating with people. If you show that you are inflexible, people will stay away from you.

– Eighth: my current mistakes show that I am a loser: the study has assured that there is no one who does not commit mistakes in life, and if we made a mistake, we should deal with it a without connecting it to past failure in life and so forth.

Ninth: I can lie on others in order to achieve my objectives: it is wrongto believe that you can fulfill the positive goals in life through lying on others.Lie is revealed with the image, and you will be in an embarrassing position when people discover that you lied on them one day in order to achieve a goal in life.If people discovered that you lies, they will get away from you forlong distances.



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