I wish..

By: Dr. Ali al-Shoaibi

I wish that my message will reach Erdogan, his foreign minister and his defense minister, any Turkish gentleman will read it is free to publish it in the Turkish media to the gentlemen whom I mentioned. Dear sirs, you are deceived by your history.

You read the Battle of MarjDabek, north of Aleppo, in 1514 with the Mamluks and how you won there and entered the Levant, so you think you are able to rewrite that victory again.

Dear gentlemen; your victory back then was over Turkish Mamluks and not Arab Syrians, as those you won over were your cousins.

But today you are fighting authentic Syrians who are willing to defend their homeland no matter what that will cost them, a homeland that is covered with the pure blood of martyrs until the flag of victory was raised and until they drove the criminals, terrorists and murderers to isolate them in the north near you, or shall I say near us; as it was originally our land since the days of the Umayyad and Abbasid states. And you manipulated and thought that you are able to stop the Syrian Arab Army from reaching Idlib ..!

Even though you have heard more than once the statements of our brave Arab leader, President Bashar al-Assad, that he will not leave a single inch of the holy Syrian  land, as he said holy. Holy, do you understand the meaning of that word?

Idlib will return and the east of the Holy Euphrates will also return just like every inch of the sacred Syrian land! And you will regret your cooperation with these terrorists movements who will be defeated cursing the day they took billion dollars after finding out that all the money of the world cost nothing in front of the blood of the martyrs.

When the Syrian Arab Army will comes near you, and it will, all your plots ,Mr. Erdogan, will not benefit you and you will give up your Ottoman fairytale project,and you will understand that your ancestors had won over your ancestors in MarjDabek and not on the Syrians .. TamamAvendam ???.

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