Do You Know Syria?

Syria is the land that gave five emperors to Rome and seven popesto Vatican

Syria is the land that gave the world, the founder of civil laws (Aemilius Papinianus (Papinian) of Homs)

Syria is the land that presented Zeno of Citiumthe gift of philosophy and presented Pythagorasthe gift to engineering and thought.

Syria is the land that Apollodorus of Damascuscame from to build Rome Landmarks and the Danube bridges

Syria is the land that made the world call the Mediterranean Sea by its name (The Syrian Sea or AmurruSea)

Syria is the land which people first planted the land and built the village thus starting civilization. .

Syria is the land which people invented the plough, the musical instrument, the wheel and the boat …

Syria is the country, whereits people invented the alphabet and exported it to the world.

Syria is the country in which was found the first musical note

Syria, whose daughter (Europe) married the Greek emperor, so the entire continent of Europe today is named after her.

Syria is the gate of east and the land in which the three continents Europe – Asia – Africa   meet

Syria is the slick road and the first transit trade in the world

Syria the city of sun and warm beaches

Syria is the oldest capital in the world / Damascus /

Syria is the oldest city in history / Raqqa /

Syria is a civilization with over than Eight Thousand years old.

Finally, the savagesof the desert attacked it and tried to break into it with the sword to obliterateall this era of civilizations.



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