Blackwater in Syria and an Arab country supporting them!

In a nutshell, Black Water is a security company-now known as Academi and is spread all around the world under many other names – and it’s a private US military security company founded by former naval officer “Erik Prince” in 1997 that is headquartered in North Carolina, the company committed many crimes around the world and is directly linked to US intelligence as was uncovered in the book “Blackwater, the most dangerouse secret organization in the world”.

by American political writer Jeremy Scahill, whose members enjoy immunity from prosecution and trial, and if that by any chance happened, it would be a farce and a sham … it is the American law !!.

US withdraws from Syria in place !! : In early January, Trump announced that he would withdraw US forces from Syria.

Months passed and only hundreds of his troops withdrew.

This declaration of withdrawal prompted Blackwater founder Erik Prince to publicly say on Fox Business: ” Trump decision is true, but Washington has a long-term commitment to stay in Syria. Washington has to end its operations there in a war that has no end,” Prince said ,adding “our agents can protect US allies “.

He then suggested that US troops be replaced by his Blackwater agents, and Washington could then counter Iranian influence in Syria.

His words were clear and need no interpretations, “Withdrew and we will replace you.” When did Blackwater enter Syria?

Blackwater criminal organization may have been in Syria for many years, but under the American flag.

There are certain reports of deaths in the ranks of the US military that has not been announced by Washington, which is true! The dead were Blackwater agents who held non-American nationalities because they were mercenaries from many countries.

It is certain that after the Manbij bombing on January 16, 2019,at least 16 people were killed, most of them were non-Syrian nationalities, the US Army Central Command issued the following statement: “Two US soldiers, a civil servant in the Pentagon and a contractor Supports the US military in Syria were killed “, notice the word” contractor “… it is a word literally used in Blackwater.

They were American citizens, but what about the rest? The most important question is, what were the militia leaders of YPG doing with the Americans and Blackwater agents in the restaurant? The answer came to Firil from a trusted source; one of the leaders of the Kurdish parties present here in Berlin: “It was a meeting to lay the groundwork for the replacement of the US army with agents of Blackwater, and to train and protect militias in the north of Syria,” he added: “ Blackwater fighters have participated in our battles ,and even against the Syrian army when it tried to occupy the field of Conoco gas east of Deir al-Zour in early 2018 .., after the explosion Manbij ;Trump’s decision was issued to replace his army with the criminal mercenariesof the company, and Blackwater agents began to arrive in Syria officially.

At Firil ; we do not have a specific number , but they came from Abu Dhabi to Syria as experts and oil workers in the fields of gas and oil, and in installments to the north of Iraq, specifically Erbil airport.

They are now in the northern and eastern Syrian oil fields and their task is to protect oil fields from any attack by the Syrian army to liberate them from occupation.

The UAE supports the separatists in Syria to face Turkey and this is not a secret, and the opening of its embassy was only after the approval of Washington, and facilitating the task of Blackwater in Syria is one of the missions of the embassy ..

it is crystal clear now (Blackwater) is in Syria among the separatists. (UAE supports and US orders)

 Firil,Jamil Shaheen, special report.

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