oblation of mercenariesTender of Idlib and the East between Erdogan’s sheep and Trump’s calves

By: Naram Sargon

The hardest thing facing the heart is that we read for it from the books of wisdom written by the mind. Because the heart is the most illiterate ignorant part of the body ; it does not understand the language of wisdom and logic nor thier rules as the language that motivates the heart is love,fear and heatred.

In all our battles we fought with our hearts and our minds .. while our terrorist enemy had no mind to fight us with, it only fought with his heart; a heart full of hatred, ignorance and illiteracy ..

Unfortunately nothing has changed. Our enemy in Idlib is still fighting with his heart without using his mind, while we are still fighting with our hearts and minds, thus the terrorist body is still offering cheap oblations.

And in the terrorist Idlib trenches, there is no connection between the mind and the heart so that the mind can help the hearts to avoid cheap death.

All our battles with the terrorists have shown that they are oblations and sheep without brains facing swords. And that the Turkish offerings and sheep are in a cage or a fenced farm named Idlib, and the shepherd is Erdogan who is holding the keys and he can lock his sheep up, set them free or sell them in the market whenever he wants. As we notice ,since the army decided to move towards Idlib, all the lines of the militants collapsed as if they were castles made of children’s balloons ..

and the walls of the Turkish cage have fallen down … And the Syrian army has killed as many Turkish offerings as he could ..

and the way and ease of the invasion of the Syrian army to the lines of defense in Idlib shows that the army’s strength can not be defeated when it decides to storm an area and liberat it.

In the recent battle in Idlib’s outskirts and Hama it was obviouse that the Syrian Army proved the theory that it is ten times superior, it is an unstoppable force and that it can eat up all the forces of al-Qaeda with its hard bones and bitter flesh without even seasoning it with salt..

but it was also clear that NATO flesh was mixed with that of al-Qaeda … as the Western political movement acted immediately as if the fire has burnt its body in Idlib…

and as if Syrian army shells arrived in Brussels and fell in the offices of Mugrini himself .. The European Union is sending now messages to Russia and Syria asking for a price for the sheep and sacrifices that the army is killing in the outskirts of Idlib before it slaughter everyone in the Turkish farm.It is clear that the battle is settled in Idlib now or after a while ..

But the dispute between us and NATO and the Turks is about the price of the sheep’s heads in Idlib .. the west wants in exchange of the fighting mindless sheep a price in reconstruction and another precious price which is to ensure Israel’s absolute security and take out all the threat from the Syrian equation ;and that is Iran and Hezbullah..

Because there is a Western theory that says the defeat of Israel as a Western project in the East means the end of the Western phase in modern history, where the strength of the West was manifested in the establishment of a Western entity at the heart of the East.

The defeat of Israel and its end means the end of the era of Western domination over the fate of the world.

Don’t rush the fall of the fattening farms of sheep and calves and sacrifices parties as the public auctions are no longer public, there are now raging auctions in the closed rooms that are much like tenders where all parties that sell calves and sheep are competing in offering better offers and lower prices…

and some are even offering thier goods almost for free in exchange of future recounstruction contracts.

The sword of the Syrian Arab army is well sharpened and it will hit east or north according to the result of the next tender that may lay on the Kurdish calves or the rest of the Ottoman Turkish Fat sheep ..

It is a battle between swords and sacrifices .. And every feast we sacrifice one of the offerings… maybe on this feast we will sacrifice a Turkish oblation and on the next one we will sacrifice a Kurdish calf.

It does not matter .. All sheep and calves will be sacrificed and all mercenaries will leave sooner or leater and will leave behind all the calves for the Syrian feasts to be sacrificed and dragged by the horns on the hands of the Syrian Arab army.

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