Daily Archives: Saturday June 8th, 2019

New York Times: Trump is preparing to Pardon US Criminal Soldiers and Mercenaries?!

“The New York Times” revealed that US President “Trump” has requested the immediate preparation of the files necessary to pardon a number of US military personnel and mercenaries convicted of war crimes in Iraq and Afghanistan. The newspaper quoted two anonymous US officials as saying: the timing of Trump’s request for the files indicates that he was considering pardoning these ...

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Common Food Mistakes should be avoided in Ramadan

Many fasters feel surfeit during Ramadan after having a lot of food in the hour of Iftar (breaking of the fast), according to ‘brilio’ website there are some bad habits the fasters do during the Iftar meal: Fatty foods: Breaking the fast with fat-rich foodssuch as fried and fatty foods is a bad habit. We should start eating simple sugars ...

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