Common Food Mistakes should be avoided in Ramadan

Many fasters feel surfeit during Ramadan after having a lot of food in the hour of Iftar (breaking of the fast), according to ‘brilio’ website there are some bad habits the fasters do during the Iftar meal:

Fatty foods: Breaking the fast with fat-rich foodssuch as fried and fatty foods is a bad habit. We should start eating simple sugars which is easy to digest for example, eating dates that are rich in fast-absorbing sugars and do not need any complex processes in metabolism.

Cold drinks: Cold drinks lead to problems in digestion and a feeling of early satietystate which curbs your appetite.

Eating large amounts of food: It is better to have small meals at intervals.

Eating Sweets:overeating sweets leads to accumulation of fat and incidence of obesity.

Eating food very fast: it is generally a bad habit but in Ramadan its harmful effect becomes bigger because the stomach is empty the whole day, and it is not preferable to receive the food amounts rapidly until your stomach can easily digests the food.

Stop playing sport: because of fatigue and tiredness, some people neglect playing sport during Ramadan. Doing sport has a great impact on feeling active and light, good mood and healthy life.

Mistakes the faster does during the suhour meal (the meal before dawn): Drink too much water, have plenty of salty food and stimulants, eating sugars and fatty meals, neglect the suhour meal.




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