New York Times: Trump is preparing to Pardon US Criminal Soldiers and Mercenaries?!

“The New York Times” revealed that US President “Trump” has requested the immediate preparation of the files necessary to pardon a number of US military personnel and mercenaries convicted of war crimes in Iraq and Afghanistan.

The newspaper quoted two anonymous US officials as saying: the timing of Trump’s request for the files indicates that he was considering pardoning these soldiers on May 28, adding that the requests included the file of the Special Operations Chief of the Marine Corps, Edward Gallagher, who was to appear before the court in the coming weeks to encounter charges of shooting at unarmed civilians and slaughtering a prisoner with a knife while serving in Iraq.

The newspaper also noted that the requests also include the case of a contractor with the private security company “Blackwater”, who was recently convicted of shooting a

group of unarmed Iraqi civilians in 2007, and the case of Matthew Golsteyn of US Special Forces that killed an unarmed Afghani in 2010, in addition to the case of a group of Marines snipers accused of mangling the body of a dead Taliban fighter.

A senior US military official pointed out that the White House has sent the requests to the Office of the Pardon Attorney in the US Justice Department, who in turn has notified the military branches concerned.

It is noteworthy that the record of US forces and security companies contracted with such as Blackwater and others is full of war crimes and crimes against humanity, where the US invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan has caused the fall of hundreds of thousands of deaths in addition to the massive destruction of infrastructure, other than for the emergence and spread of terrorist organizations on top of which is ISIS.



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