Say: “he said ..!”

An article I want to write and draw attention to a very serious subject. The Wahhabis look at the Tomb of the Prophet (PBUH) with a bad look and they see it as a worshiped idol!They even look at the Muslims as they visit the Tomb of the Prophet as they worship this idol..!

They have derived this view from Ibn Taymiyyah (601-728 Hijri), who gave a fatwa that it is forbidden to visit the tomb of the Prophet (PBUH) and those who visited the Tomb are unbelievers; he was imprisoned for that fatwa in 726 AH and died in prison two years later.

This animosity carried by Ibn Taymiyyah to the person of the Prophet does not negate what he has written and exerted and even bequeathedto his intellectual student Muhammad ibn Abd al-Wahhab, who died in 1206 AH.

He propagatedhis poisonsthat the Prophet’s remains should be moved from the place where he was buried according to the Prophet order (PBUH)“Prophets are buriedwhere they die”.

When the third Saudi Wahhabi state came byAl-Salouli King Abdul Aziz, he seriously thought in (1927) of moving the remains of the Prophet, yet gave up this idea under pressure from various Islamic countries, especially during the Hajj season.

When the last king of the sons of Saloul “Salman bin Abdul Aziz” and his Crown Prince, “Mohammed bin Salman” he was enthusiastic to remove the remains of the Prophet from his mosque and buryhim in a place unknown and not seen by Muslims; the Crown Prince evenassigned someone to prepare a special study in this respectthat came in (161) pages with drawings and stages and their pretextwas that it has become an idol that must be removed.

Recently, within the framework of the plan to remove the tomb of the Prophet (PBUH) from his mosque, several fires were fabricated inside the mosque which they attributed to the explosion of an electric motor inside the mosque and videos were broadcasted showing this fire and the people prayingrunning away that no one remained in the mosque ..!

Now, after the Yemeni drones, the Wahhabis will remove the tomb of the Prophet (PBUH) from his mosque and bury him in an unknown location as they had planned for so long ago!!

I hope to God that this big crime may not happen against the Prophet and the Muslims… But – God forbid if it took place – say that Dr. Ali al-Shoaibi saidso from Damascus of the Arabs and the tolerant Islam of Mohammad (PBUH).  

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