Recycling Daesh

By: Thierry Meyssan

It seems that the liberation of the region that Daesh was running as a “state” does not mean at all the end of this jihadi organization.

In fact, if this terrorist organization is the invention of NATO intelligence, it actually embodies an ideology that still mobilizes jihadists, and thus is able to survive.

Here we must remember that al-Qaeda was also a NATO army, and we all saw it fighting in Afghanistan, then in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and later in Iraq, Libya, and Syria.

Its main operations were acts of war, under the name of the Mujahideen, the Arab Legion, and so on, or instead of all that carrying out terrorist acts in public, as in the London or Madrid bombings.

Let’s go back to Daesh, it is the opposite of all the above, it is a Western “project” to manage a piece of land, Sinstan or the Caliphate State, whose purpose was to separate Iraq from Syria, as explained by Pentagon researcher Robin Wright in the maps she drew years before the organization was established, an organization which is financed and armored directly from the United States during the operation of Sycamore Wood.If the defeat of al Qaeda’s jihadis is now for granted , it is first thanks to the bravery of the Syrian Arab Army, and then to the Russian air force, which used special bombs to penetrate the underground fortifications of the fighters of these organizations and thus defeat their operators. And as mush as al-Qaeda is a “terrorist” paramilitary force of NATO, Daesh organization is also a paramilitary ground army of NATO.

It is ironic now that Daesh who lost the land that was originally founded for, we see al-Qaeda running land in Idlib province, although it prevoisley opposed this kind of mission.

Thus, Daesh’s attacks on April 16 in the Congo, or on 21 in Sri Lanka, could have been attributed with total indifference to any other “terrorist” organization. Daesh organization would not have suddenly appeared again in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, had it not been for the handover of its fighters to the Democratic Coalition Forces in Uganda.

The reason why he is able to move with amazing force in Sri Lanka is that the intelligence services there stood against the Hindu minority and did not watch the Muslims. This may also be due to the formation of these devices by London and Tel Aviv, or because of the dispute between the President of the Republic, “Mathripala Seressina” and Prime Minister “Ranil Wickremesinghe,” which blocked the flow of information. Sri Lanka is particularly fragile, because it believes that it has a high degree of purity that prevents the production of this level of monstrosity.

This is not true, because it has not been clear to this day how more than 2,000 Tamil Tigers were executed after they surrendered in 2009.

Each time a country refuses to stand face to face with its crimes, it is liable to provoke new crimes while believing that it is more civilized than others.

Whatever the case is, the tragedies of the Congo and Sri Lanka prove to us that the jihadists will not lay down their arms and that the West will continue to use them outside the greater Middle East.

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