Truth and the Approach to reach it through Falsification and Fabrication

By Dr. Ahmad Al Haj Ali

The truth and the way to reach it are two matters fraught with contradictions, especially at a time as the time world is passing through, wherethe tools of falsification, fabrication and methodological work are crowdingfor blurring the facts and producing additional factors that can lead the understanding and feelings to turns and curves far away from the facts.

However, the difficulty of this approach and the ambiguity of the prospects surrounding it are not inevitable destiny if the conditions for recognition and analysis are properly established with the methodology for establishing the will and the comparison and approach activities were available.

In any case, there are factors that are being established for reaching the truth in such a broad and profound aggression against the Syrian homeland mainly, and this is an essential part of the awareness of the battle and the duty to define its objectives:

  1. The first methodological factor is based on the basis of linking the results achieved or anticipated in the introductions for which it was founded. There is no explosive human factor that emerges from void and fills the void. This is a situation that requires experience, perseverance, wide historical capacity and the ability to constantly enlighten the minds.In what our country is exposed to, this seems an easy issue, particularlyas the facts of recent and far history have helped us build the approach to reaching the truth.

  2. The second factor relates to the nature of the forces involved in the intensifying conflict in terms of the components of these forces, their historical age and the experience of their practices in the near and far future. We see that the forces that are attacking Syria today are the same ones that have attacked other peoples who were similar to us. It is always an open force, represented by the colonial West in both its European and American dimensions and the Zionist movement with the Israeli entity beside the Arab and foreign political systems with a reactionary role and a functional origin. Recognizing the essence of these forces and their history reveals to us the prolific and necessary introductions and gives us thecapacity to verify the role of these forces; it is thenwhen we can discover the horizons of their existing project through what was and through the development of the series of aggression to what must be.

  3. The third factor in the aggressor system comes in the social tycoons who accepted to sell themselves to the outside project or to express their hatred of everything that is rooted in the area of ​​the age, values ​​and basic choices. Naturally, this is a predictable and not surprising factor. There are always cultures that work on it and adorn the darkness as the light and the killing as jihad and the relationship with the foreignersas of one of God’sorders. This isa deep and astray flood that no regime or national body until now could dare work on deep exploring this factor; everyone was satisfied with the general evaluation, fragileconsiderations and false expectations until the time came for the biggest surprise on the Syrian homeland.

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