Why Does the Magnetic North Pole Crawls towards Russia

Measurements carried out with European satellites (Swarm) revealed that the Earth’s magnetic north pole keeps moving fast from the Canadian Arctic toward Russian coast.

Scientists think that the reason of this move is hidden in the depth of Siberia and Canada. Phil Livermore from the British University of Leeds says “until now, we do not know why the magnetic north pole is moving in this direction in particular.

The measurements we have carried out with satellites including Swarm revealed that this is caused by what resembles tug-of-war between two negative magnetic field patches beneath Canada and Siberia.”

It is known that every 450.000 years or million years the two magnetic poles change their places in addition to temporary coups taking place in the magnetic axis. This is what the scientists find in the ancient clay tablets and sediments of volcanic rocks.

Some scientists think that something similar would happen soon (according to geological criteria) because it was noticed that the power of Earth’s magnetic field

decreases smoothly during a few hundred years, and that the north and south magnetic poles positions have been changed completely.

Livermore points out that a long time ago scientists have been searching for the reason behind the moving of the north magnetic pole at 50-55 km per year toward Russia. Three years ago, researchers noticed that the magnetic field of Arctic regions is changing fast and forcefully forming successive patches of regions with weak magnetic field followed by unnaturally powerful magnetic field.

Researchers point out that such state was noticed beneath Canada in the last trimester of the last century, and it started stretching rapidly which caused a decrease in its effect in the Earth’s magnetic field compared to its increasing speed move toward Russia.

Livermore points out that as a result of this state, the north magnetic field passed the date line two years ago and officially became in the Earth’s eastern hemisphere.

Source: Novosti     


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