Facetiae of Tightwads

Once upon a time a man guested for his mean friend, as soon as the guest arrived, the tightwad called for his son telling him: my boy, our guest is dear to my heart.

Go and buy us half a kilogram of the best meats. The son went and after a while he came back buying nothing!

The father asked him: where is the meat?

The son said: I went to the butcher and said to him: give me the best meat you have!

The Butcher said: I will give you meatlike butter.

I said to myself, if so, why I don’tbuy butter instead of meat …..

I went to the grocer and said: give me the best butter you have.

The grocer said: I will give you butter like molasses.

The boy said to himself:  if so, I will buy molasses…

I went to molasses seller and said: give me the best molasses you have.

The man said: I will give you molasses like the pure water.

The Boy: I said to myself if so ….. We do have pure water in home and that’s why I came back with nothing.

The father said: what a clever boy! ….. But you missed something; you have used upyour shoes running from one shop to another!

The son answered: no my father …… I used our guest shoes?!!.


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