The hidden truth was revealed!

Hebrew channel 12 admitted in a televised report saying that ‘’Israel’’ is the one behind  Fabricating the plays of  the Syrian Arab army  using the chemical weapon against the civilians in the areas controlled by the armed terrorist groups in terms of training, performance and supervision.

Needless to say according the writer Mohammad Al-Nobanee, the purpose behind these fabrications which the so-called “White Helmets Organization” has been implementing under the Israeli supervision was and still to give America and the western alliance countries justifications and pretexts to strike civilian and military Syrian targets under an alleged and misleading pretext which is defending the Syrian human rights.

However, its real goal is to support the Takfiri armed groups, obstruct the victories of the Syrian Arab army and its alliances. That what really happened more than once, when using such a lie to strike the Syrian Shayrat Airbase and then commit the Triple US, French, and British Aggression on targets in Syria.

It almost happened again last week had it not been the tension between America and Iran on one side and the rush of the Russians to reveal the current preparations to perform this new play and consequently  to accuse the Syrian Arab army on the other side.

The writer assures that the report of channel 12 is not the first Israeli confession of the relation between Israel and the terrorist organizations in Syria or providing these organizations with the military and logistic support.

The ex-chief of the Israeli occupying army “Gadi Eizenkot” has previously admitted in an interview with the British newspaper “The Sunday Times” on 15/01/2019 that the relations with the terrorist organizations had gone beyond providing treatment to their injured members in the Israeli hospitals during the battles with Syrian army to the extent of providing different types of weapons.

Yet, the new matter in the channel’s recognition is that it exposes the truth of the connection between the “White Helmets Organization” and “Israel”, and reveals the false denial of the White Helmets’ chief “Raed Saleh” when he made statements on the 17th of the last February to international media on the existence of cooperation and coordination relation between his Organization and Israel.


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