A Crucial Monthat all Levels!

Accordingto “Nasser Qandil”, many issues are going to be addressed at the end of June. This means escalation in the region in order to be ready for confrontation or negotiation. The first casemarks the end of the deadline determined by Iran as sixty days to announce its withdrawal from the dealconcerning its nuclear file.

After that, seeking to reestablish the deal with Iran becomes more complicated, and we cannot separate between theprocess concerning the Iranian nuclear file andthe file of the”deal of the century”,which formsa process parallel to the process of Iran’s blockadein the American-Israeli-Gulf map that is based on the hypothesis of having the ability to constrainthe resistance forces and impose a blockade and the Israeli security concept on them. The Bahrain Conference that is to be held latethis month marks the first experiential chance for the equilibriagoverning the equation of the deal of the century.

These two cases, which are open for confrontationover the big files in the region,along with the American promotion for the hypothesis of reaching a Russian-American solution in Syria andconsidering the meeting of the Russian, American, and “Israeli”Security Advisersas astagefor this understanding, which includes signs for the withdrawal of Iran and Resistance Forces from Syria in return for American recognition that the Syrian victory is legitimate.This understanding will fail if it is based on implicit bet on the hypothesis of tempting Russia or applying pressure on it to accept a solutionbehind the backof Iran and the Resistance Forces; which Syria denies.

The facts show that Russia never falls into thesetraps, and they show that the America knows that Russia does not have a roadmap to apply the mentioned solution if it wanted.

Yet, if Washington wants to seek opportunity for compromise solution with Iran and the Resistance Forces through Russia, this means that the negotiation process has got good chances.

The writer asserts that in case America decided to equivocallylift the blockade on Iran, in the backroom with European coverage, and close the dealof the century, under the pretext of the need to time and coordination with the international parties, searching for settlement solutions would be possible in Syria and Yemento legitimize the victoriesof the Axis of Resistance.

Furthermore, these settlements save the face of the losers in wars in order to open the door for safe withdrawal whether from Syria or from Yemen.

The Resistance Forces that are ready to hold a meeting at the leadership levelthat may include the resistance movements in Lebanon, Palestine, Yemen and Iraq with countries of Resistance Axis, especially Syria and Iran, will cooperate with the Russian ally, along with their readinessfor open confrontation.

If this was the American choice, then the negotiating solutions would be possible if any serious gestures appeared.


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