Saudi Arabia is responsible for the Syrian crisis and most of Daesh fighters comes from it

Former Qatari prime minister, Hamad bin Jassim al-Thani, has denounced Saudi Arabia for accusing his country of terrorism, describing that accusation to be null and void, and that KSA must admit its share of responsibility toward the Syrian crisis and the spread of ISIS.

This came in a report published by the “Telegraph” newspaper and included statements and positions made by Al-Thani to the newspaper.

Al-Thani said that the countries of the blockade, especially Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, are covering the issue of terrorism in their campaign against Qatar to achieve their own goals. “Most of ISIS terrorists are Saudis,” he said, adding: “They falsely accuse us of terrorism and so on, while there is no international organization that publicly supports

these allegations, neither the United States nor any European or any other body, only Saudi Arabia and the United Emirates, They know that the issue of the war on terror is a priority for the West, and everyone in America and Europe wants to listen to them when they talk about terrorism”.  “Two years after the start of the blockade campaign, we still do not know exactly what they are accusing us of,” he said.

He added that 19 terrorists of those who carried out the attacks of (September 11), included (15) Saudis, Emirati, Egyptian and Lebanese.

He asked: “Do I have to say that they (the 15 Saudis) were supported by the governments of Saudi Arabia, the UAE and Egypt, and that the Saudi Embassy in Washington made bank transfers to the accounts of these people?”. “How many Saudi fighters are in the ranks of ISIS? most of them are from Saudi Arabia!”

Al-Thani also said he was not opposed to the public support offered by Riyadh to US President Donald Trump, “I think we all have to support Saudi Arabia.

I think the stability of the kingdom is important for the region, but they also have to know that Saudi Arabia must have a peaceful relationship with its neighbors, including Qatar”.


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