Shimon Peres .. The refugee lying on the throne of the Talmud

By: Naram Sargon

There is no doubt that you remember Shimon Peres, not because he is directly associated with the famous Qana massacre, in which dozens of children were killed; as Arabs have no memory of massacres, as whoever massacre them become their friends, and whoever supports them and stands with them;  they fight and hate.

You will not remember him because he is the author of the theory of the “Israeli” Middle East, which was almost achieved with the spring of the Muslim Brotherhood, you will remember him because he is the friend of the Arab leaders whom he shook hands with just like he shook hands with the Sheikh of Al-Azhar, which we thought was a branch of Al-Aqsa, but turned out to be a spa for the Israelis.

Peres was the professor of everyone in philosophy; his philosophy of rapprochement with Israel, and then the philosophy of working with it, and finally the philosophy of fighting for it.

He is the loyalist ideologue of the Jewish state who created phantom ideas and initiatives that are cut and sewed to the size of the Arabs .. and they delightfully wear what he sews of agreements, embassies and betrayals ..

This philosopher will stand unashamedly in front of his Arab students from leaders while showing them this picture of the visa he got to come as a refugee to visit Palestine ..

But he will feel upset if we show it to him to remind him that he is an immigrant and he is not allowed to stay in Palestine because the duration of the visit is over..

and suddenly the visitor takes over the house and turns the inhabitants of the house which hosted him to refugees , victims , or remains of humans  living in human piles of meat accumulated in Gaza ..

Although, upon receiving  the visa he swore loyalty to Palestine and not to Israel. Perez has the right to boast of his own robbery, and some will say that he is not guilty of infiltrating and stealing because he is loyal to his Jewish faith and Jehovah’s promises to the Jews.

But who must stop here and ask is the Arab Khalijites who are devouring the true story of Palestine and creating new stories about the friendly Israeli who stands with us and defends us against the dictators.We all remember the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Oman, who shook hands with Netanyahu and told him that some are sticking to the conflict and to rusty  ideas that have become old ..

And that the Middle East suffered because some are still stuck with the past .. well, Peres came for this past, which the moderate Arabs boast of forgetting it…he came coated with maliciousness and villainy and entered Palestine as a refugee and then this thief son of a thief , became the lord of the Palestinian land..

He turned the Palestinians into refugees, then followed them by the Iraqis, then the Libyans, then the Yemenis and the Syrians, In order to remain in Palestine resting on the Talmudic couch to bless us by virtue of autonomy over here and an airport for the Gazans over there ..

This refugee who bless  Arabs with his gifts, like a rich man  giving a beggar some old bread, will remain a refugee even in his grave …

because even the dirt he has in the grave is not his property … and he should fear in the grave of leaving the next day when the Zionist visa expires in Palestine.

Because what happened in the north of the legendary steadfastness of the Syrian people is nothing but bad news for Israel.

Therefore, what Peres and the bandit of thieves in Palestine did will not change anything, Palestine will remain the Syrian south.

The title deeds have been carried by geography for at least 20,000 years. It is deposited in the Herodotus Fund and Alexander … We will not give south of Syria or its north to anyone.

This is only a grey cloud that history always brings, history always did this just like it always came back, apologized and gave back all the stolen rights.

We have become the hand of history that writes , signs, deletes and corrects historical and geographical errors .. Palestine is Arabic, Syrian, Christian and Islamic. Palestine is Palestine.

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