Their Eyes are Upon You

Yes, the Syrian Arab Army, the great hero, all honest Syrians got their eyes upon you, following your news and victory with their ears are kept on the enemy on the opposite fighting fronts, fearing that a new disloyalty may occur.

Many words of supplication are always said by them. These words come out of their tender hearts: May Allah brings victory to them, May Allah defend them and support them.All the people and their children are part of you, and you are part of them. So, the peopleis the army, and army is the people.

Your people is proud of you, waiting for your latest steps, to tell the whole world: indeed, this is the brave Syrian Arab Army who Allah helped to get over more than one hundred of the most rich countries in the world which have assorted weapons, the army which was helped by Allah to get over the oppressors who made the religion of Islam a means to gain the upper hand, but Allah best knows them and their reality, those who are the agents of the Zionists, the killers of children and sheikhs, destroyer of houses of worship, the ones who sold themselves to the devil.

Allah has achieved your victory on the hands of the most great contemporary Arab leader, on the hands of the Einstein of the 21st century, the defiant man whose intelligence and bravery are limitless, the beloved son of the people, the leader Bashar Al-Assad, who is adored by the hearts of all honest people, who have not sold their homeland, neither a sigh or a groan of the wounded people.

He is the leader who takes care of the people and the families of the martyrs. He is the one whose concerns never end until the Arc of Victory is completed.

This comes from our hearts, in the name of every honest Syrian citizen who is sometimes astonished to see his president in the battlefields or knowledge auditoriums, following each word he says or a step taken by him.

Viva Syria, viva the defiant Syrian Arab Army, viva the observer and protector of the homeland, viva Sir, viva your great wife, the mother of all Syrian people. They all pray to Allah for her, wishing her all the best.

By: Dr. Ali al-Shoaibi – Damascus (The Arabs House)

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