Daily Archives: Saturday June 22nd, 2019

Netayahu’s government crisis reveals a deeper one

Among the many crises gripping the occupation entity, the gravest one seems to relate  to “the identity” confusion. This immigration entity of settlers is mainly populated by foreign immigrants coming from various parts of the world with no common culture nor a common religious background. And they do not even share in a common the same ethnicity. What they do ...

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Clashes between the terrorists in the north of Hama

A local source reports that on June 14 there was an exchange of gunfire between gang fighters, which occupy positions in the Mourek district of Hama province, and the security unit Hay’atTahrir al-Sham. The reason was the attempt to arrest the leader of the gang for treason. The militants, dissatisfied with the size of their salaries, food and ammunition, were ...

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