The first quantum phone in Russia is tested

Scientists from the Center for Quantum Technologies at Moscow State University and employees of the Infotex developer company have demonstrated the work of a pre-production model of the first phone in Russia with quantum protection of ViPNet QSS Phone communications.

The device is a fixed IP-phone connected to the client of quantum key distribution and the server. His main task is to provide secure text and voice communication without the possibility of hacking and wiretapping.

According to the developer, the confidentiality of negotiations is based on strong symmetric encryption of network traffic between subscribers using the quantum key distribution protocol.

Serial production of phones is scheduled to launch by the end of 2019. According to Vedomosti, the basic set of equipment (server and two phones) will cost 30 million rubles.

Russia’s TASS news agency said the phone had been tested as the operators made a round of voice calls between Infotech’s office and the Center for Quantum Technologies at the Moscow State University.

  • Source: TASS


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