He who sees an error, correct it

An artist painted a painting and thought it was the most beautiful at all .. He wanted to challenge everyone thus he put it in a public place and wrote above it: ” Whoever saw a flaw, even a simple one, put a red signal over it “.

He came back in the evening to find it distorted by red signs that showed a glitch here and there till the original painting had completely disappeared under red marks.

the artist went to his mentor and decided to quit drawing as he is so bad at it..the mentor told him that he will only change the phrase .. the artist draw the same painting again and put it in the same place, but this time he put colors and feathers and wrote under it: ” He who sees an error shall hold the feather and pen to correct it ” No one approached the painting until the evening ..

it was left days there but no one approached it .. Here is the moral .. !!

The mentor said to the artist : Many see the imbalance in everything ..

But reformers are rare, this is the case of people ..

We see mistakes and we love criticism but no one offers solutions .. !!.


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