The Greatest Queen of the East ;Semiramis …

She was the queen who ordered to engrave on her tombstone this magical sentence “nature made me a woman,yet I have raised myself to rival the greatest men” .

This is the legend of the Assyrian queen Semiramis who was also known by the name Sammur-Amat; the first syllable means “the loved one” and the second means “piegons” this she is the one that birds love, or more likely it is believed that this name is the unintentional Greek misrepresentation of the original name (Samur Amat) which means “Lady of the Royal Court.”

After the fall of her husband Shamshi Adad in the battle against Babylon, Samirames received power in Assyria till her son Adad Nirari III came of age.She ruled for five years (811-806 BC), during which she managed the helm with rare skill and preserved Assyrian influence.

Then she handed power to her son after coming of age that enabled him to ascend the Assyrian throne.

The study confirms that Semiramis was a Syrian of Aramaic origin, as the Arameans constituted the vast majority of the population of ancient Syria in the first millennium BC. In view of her success in running the affairs of the Assyrian State and the

implementation of various urban projects, her fame has spread throughout much of the ancient world, and each people tried to attribute this great queen to itself.

Semiramis “the strongest and most beautiful queen of the east” was the center of many talks,and to her were attributed many acts of pride such as wars, the establishment of cities and the construction of Babylon city that was famous of its hanging gardens.

Semiramis didn’t want to be remembered as an establisher of social works only;but also wanted to immortaliz great military operations thus she took her army to Medea and Persia and was met with little resistance, thus she was able to pursue her peaceful urban projects.

She went with her army to Egypt, Ethiopia and Libya but was not happy because she wanted to carry out an outstanding military operation.

So she decided to start a war against India, after hearing that “the people of India are the largest among the peoples of earth”anf that “their country is very beautiful “.

The Babylonians recognized the real importance of Semiramis, who was not only as strong in war as men but also was a brilliant politician, so they kept her memory in their minds.

Thus the myth of Semiramis spread. And as she was the one to appoint the head counselors of the empire, and the governors of the provinces, her policy continued to influence for a long time, and her shadow remained helping his son until her death in 785 BC.

Throughout her reign, Semiramis was known of her wise decisions in domestic politics as well as in foreign affairs, never she disappointed the Assyrians who gave her all their trust …


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