The Reality Flipping between War and No – War

By Dr. Ahmad Haj Ali

The conflict in the region is undergoing two battles that are inextricably linked and apparently different. The first is the battle with its origins and large areas, and which applications are now visible in more tension and more pushing the region to the edge of the Arab-American war against Iran. Furthermore, there are military manifestations deployed in the straits of Hormuz and Bab el-Mandeb and in the Arabian Sea and the Mediterranean.

America has mobilized in these areas aircraft carriers, destroyers and submarines and it came with the latest of its war aircraft and equipped the majority of US military bases deployed in the Gulf Countries, Saudi Arabia and near the region, especially in Turkey and Spain via the base (Diego Garcia).

It is obvious in this trend that Washington, and especially the leadership of Trump, is now adopting the method of mobilizing military force and tightening the economic embargo on Iran, Syria and Libya with them.

The whole of this system goes to political considerations inhabited by immediate threats against Iran and mined in some parts and accompanied with the marginal role of systems such as the Al- Saud and Al-Nahyan in the UAE. However, the second battle that lies in the horizon and depth is reflected in the controversy about the prospects of a war against Iran; this battle takes the factual assets on the one hand and the flow of allegations of the parties, on the other hand.

It seems that the base hub or rather the core of this battle tends to be that the whole American threat is only a psychological factor, pushing the moral and material danger to the edge of the abyss, or close to it. An idea is now prevailing in many regional and international circles, including Iran, the State and the Revolution.

The content of this idea is that America is incapable and may not have the ability to wage a military war against Iran.

Definitely, the important element in such a conclusion is based on the certainty that the brotherly State of Iran has all the resources and tools of a harsh response to America and its backers whether in Palestine or in the Arabian Gulf or in the surrounding bases.

Yet, this view of excluding the war is still growing and has been carried by the media with more emphasis and repetition that America is not thinking of war and cannot enter into this war.

The issue here is considered because we all know, we in Syria and the brothers in Iran, that there are two places in this world have no credibility and no rules governing their behavior, and that aggression is an outlook and nature of them and these two places are America and the Zionist entity.

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