Dear army men!

By: Dr. Ali al-Shoaibi

May you always be fine! Because as long as you are fine; the whole nation is fine. Here you are holding your weapons, each according his specialty, while your eyes are wide open  watching your enemy’s movements.

Dear Guardians of the homeland, do you know who you are? Do you know how important your mission is? Do you know how many hostile country you’ve defeated?.

You are the soldiers of God and his angels on earth, you are the defenders of the land, of the dignity of each  honorable Syrian man in the land of honor and dignity ; Syria.

Your God and people cherish you as you performed your duty in a perfect manner; you loved your country, you realized how important your mission is, and you gave your all to it, you loved your country till your eyes couldn’t see anything but it. Is it enough just to say to you: ” may you be fine at every Eid!”?.

no it’s not! Whatever we wish you or offer you would be so tiny in front of your sacrifices you guardians of homeland who made Syria their mother and father and were so dutiful to it!.

You are the immortals whom history will write about: “The Syrian Arab Army, the army of honor, sincerity and loyalty, that has been able to repel the invasion of more than 100 countries with its righteous  ideology ,and  was able to protect Syria from the (American- Zionist- Arab) aggression , an army that God was with in all its wars because it was with God.

A great big salute to you, you the national protective army!.

Your people salute you and feel so proud of you and waiting for you to liberate the remaining land of Syria. May you always be fine…

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