Daily Archives: Sunday July 7th, 2019

Washington Post: Trump is actinglikea Frightened Cat

The American Newspaper “Washington Post” reported  that Donald Trump was lying when he said that he reversed  the decision of striking Iran for humanitarian reasons, and affirmed  that “waging a military action against Iran was canceled two hours ago not ten minutes  as the American president claimed “. Trump did not get any new information, on the contrary, he felt ...

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A Genetically Modified Virusfor treatment of paediatrics brain tumours

Team of researchers in ‘NavarreUniversity managed touse one kind of viruses to treat ‘Paediatrics Gliomas”. According to the study, researchersmodified a virus named(Delta -24 –RGD) where it can attacks these tumours (which arehighly aggressive) on a bunch of lab rats. Brain tumours are considered the second most common type of paediatrictumours; it represents 20 % of all kinds of cancers ...

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