A Genetically Modified Virusfor treatment of paediatrics brain tumours

Team of researchers in ‘NavarreUniversity managed touse one kind of viruses to treat ‘Paediatrics Gliomas”.

According to the study, researchersmodified a virus named(Delta -24 –RGD) where it can attacks these tumours (which arehighly aggressive) on a bunch of lab rats.

Brain tumours are considered the second most common type of paediatrictumours; it represents 20 % of all kinds of cancers which infect children.

Gliomascome at the top of the most common kind of paediatricsbrain tumours…

Gliomas happen inside the brain and the spinal cord andaffect the brain function extremely endangering life to a serious danger.

Current therapy options include the surgical intervention, chemical and radiation therapy and targeted pharmacotherapy Nevertheless, there are many Gliomas which do not respond well to traditional therapies.

Thus, researchers designed a new therapeutic method depending on a genetically modified virus to stop the tumour cellsfrom increasing and growing.This leads to a dramatic increase in survive rates ofexperimental animals’ models.

The researchers have modifiedthe Delta-24-RGD virus to attack the cancer tumours through making a kind of infection in them.

The virus targets the proteinsresponsible for the excessivesplitting activity of gliomas cells in the brain.

The virus is directly injected in the tumour.The viruscoheres with the cells of tumour, infiltrate inside them and destroy their ability to split leaving the remaining task which is dealing with the basic cells of tumour that lose their ability to proliferation and die at the endto the immune system.

  • Source: Scientificamerican


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